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sábado, 13 de enero de 2018

Navidad en Granada

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Hello everyone, in this blog I’m going to tell you about Christmas in Granada. Well, from where i come from we don’t celebrate it. I’m from Tunisia, Christmas is not in our culture so it was my first one. I was waiting for Navidad and i was so excited, the first thing that impressed me was the lights we all know that Granada is a beautiful place but in Christmas it was more fascinated and breathtaking. 

So when we went to the center there was a lot of people (mucha gente) i never saw that quantity of people in the city center. They were shopping, buying gifts (regalo) and eating chocolate con churro. In the 24th of December, people who work in cuidad de los ninos invited us to have dinner with them and it was an awesome one we had fun and they were very nice and friendly with us. The dinner was chicken, shrimp, potatoes, salad ... and it was very delicious (muy rico). 

After that we were enjoying our days of Christmas until New Year came. Our friends came to our place to celebrate together, so when they came we showed them the house because it was really big and to make them feel comfortable. During the day we had a tour in the city center also we went to several places like Alhambra, Albaicin...but unfortunately we couldn’t have tapas because most of the bars was closed. Before coming back home we bought delicious potatoes in the oven. When we arrived at home we directly start to eat because we were starving and after our house mat told us that we are going to have a dinner with people who in cuidad de los ninos like the previous dinner, we were not hungry but we went because the food is very very delicious lol.

 We get dressed to be ready for the party and we went out to the city hale. There were hundreds of people dancing and drinking in the street, there was a big concert when midnight came the dark sky became like heaven with fireworks it was awesome after that we went to our friend house we had some drinks also so much fun at 5 in the morning we went to a club called VOGUE it was a nice club and cheap 15 € the entrance plus 3 drinks so for me it was a good deal because in New Year clubs became more expensive. 

We danced a lot and at 10 in the morning we went home our friends wanted to stay with them for the after but we couldn’t stay because we were so exhausted so went directly to bed to sleep. We woke up at 4, we ate breakfast and we spend the whole day at home. Honestly it was my favorite New Year, also i loved Christmas with the lights in the street. We didn’t have a tree for Christmas but for sure next year we will buy one.

domingo, 7 de enero de 2018

On Arrival Training

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                                                              Canfranc bus station

Hello, in this blog i'm going to share with you my experience in the On Arrival Training, so let me start from the first.
When they told me about the date of the On Arrival Training to be honest i was not excited, i'm always afraid to meet new people. It was in Canfranc  too far from Granada, so i woke up with negative vibes.

Our point meeting is in Zaragosa, so we call taxi to pick us to the bus station but the women in the radio taxi didn't want to send us one, time past very quick so we were obliged to call our coordinator Carmen to help us. She came and picked us to Malaga train station we couldn't make it without her. we ate the breakfast there and after we took the train. It was very fast after 4 hours we arrived to Zaragosa, we arrived early so we went to a coffee and after we went back to the train station to meet with the other volunteers.

 After a while we were all there so w took the bus to Canfranc. When we arrived there i was freezing because i 'm never used to this cold. Before coming i thought that i will have my own room, but i was totally wrong we were 24 volunteers two big rooms for girls and a small room for boys, by the way they were only 4 boys. After that we were all gathered together, we had a game for getting to know each other. Then we ate dinner.
The day after everyone was talking about the first awful night because the heaters stopped working in the middle of the night and they only gave us one blanket. We ate breakfast and then we started our training.

The day after they took us out to discover the rest of Canfranc.It was very small but breath taking because of the natural view it was awesome.Also we went to Jaca it was near to Canfranc.
The bus station in Canfranc is so beautiful, it has a lot of history so we had a big tour there with a man who lives in Canfranc he was our guide, we had so much fun.

After days no one wanted to leave by the way me too, it was my best experience that i ever had.I learnt how to share, how to learn, how to communicate, also we made new friends and we invited them to Granada.




Hocas Pocas Magical Granada

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So so, today I want to share about how I feel about this beautiful and magical breath taking city; GRANADA !!!

I can’t be luckier to be doing my EVS with such an amazing NGO surrounded by awesome people, If I came to Granada for just tourism I wouldn’t have discovered its inner charm and beauty.
Evs is a great opportunity to integrate with the local community and discover the country heritage, its habits and customs.

I got to visit amazing places which makes me feel so lucky.

Thanks to our hosting NGO I got the chance to go to such amazing places and events in Granada, like the Villages Feria, the horses Feria, Saint Miguel celebration and MAGIC SHOWS !!!

I actually got inspired by going to 3 different magic shows with our coordinator Carmen, I decided I want to make a magic show in Ciudad de Los Ninos for the children. So I have been learning to make tricks with cards, and I love it, been improving my skills day by day.  Who knows, maybe I will make an appearance in the next Hocas Pocas Magic Festival haha

We participated in a Training Course in el Padul which was a great experience as we met with a lot of youth workers and learnt more about writing projects. We also wistnessed several demonstrations in Granada about Catalonia, Refugees or Gender Equality… It was good to be there and see how things happen in this country because in my country we don’t get to see such well organized things.

Some of our on arrival training friends came to spend some days with us in Granada, so I gave them a tour and I was feeling soooo proud that I was doing my evs in such charming city. It was good to be gathered with other volunteers we met in Canfranc, and exchange about our EVS experience.

I went to some events planned by another NGO, Granada Acoge where we have Spanish lesson. One was to celebrate the NGO birthday and another for Immigrants and refugees. It was good to see so many people from different backgrounds and origins gathered in one place under the charm of Granada.

Granada Acoge 30 Anniversary

Assesoria in Espacio Joven

Assesoria in Espacio Joven

TC in El Padul

TC in El Padul

Granada Acoge 30 Anniversary

But one of the activities I love here is the one I have on Saturday in Ciudad de los Ninos helping to give food to people in need. It feels very satisfying and good. So thanks to everyone that I have met here and for being such an incredible team :)

sábado, 6 de enero de 2018

Canfranc On Arrival Training

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Hey J
In this blog I wanted to share my awesome experience during the on arrival training that we had in Canfranc (Huesca) from the 13th til 18th of November.

Honestly at first I was not so positive about it, I was wondering how it will be like and if if the other volunteers will be cool.

We were supposed to catch an early bus to Malaga train station and from there a train to our meeting point in Zaragosa. But believe it or not we had a very bad incident with the Taxi service, the woman on the radio taxi didn’t want to send us a taxi no matter how we begged, eventually she was hanging up on us whenever we give the address.  We ended up calling our coordinator Carmen and she took us by car to Malaga to catch the Train before it leaves, if it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t make it on time. So I feel really grateful as she is always there for us even when we screw up.

And to add more misfortune, I bought a coat a day earlier as they told me it will be cold in Canfranc to just wear a jacket, BUT the woman that was working there forget to take off the security tag in the coat and she just disabled the alarm, I only noticed it when I was leaving the house early morning.
So when we got to Zaragosa I had to walk for 6.9km til I found a shop that accepted to help me and to remove it, imagine the embarrassment of looking as if I stole the coat lol Luckily I kept the tickets with me.

On the way back I lost my way of course, walked til I got tired then I took the right bus BUT in the wrong direction so I ended up being more far. So I walked a lot until I found my way.
Then at 17h we met at the train station with all the other volunteers, it was funny as we were trying to find each other and tried to get to know each other but as the group grew more and more, it became hard to get to know everyone, we were 26 volunteer !

We then left to Canfranc with one of our trainers. It was a very long and tiring day so everyone was basically sleeping in the bus. On our way the road was so dark, no lights at all, it was kind of creepy so we were not so excited about where we were heading especially that it seemed that we were in the middle of nowhere.

We arrived late at night, we took off the bus and it was sooo windy and sooo cold, freezing cold, in an old street, struggling to get into the hostel we were staying to find out that there are 3 rooms prepared for us. One small room for the 4 male volunteers and 2 big rooms for the other 20 volunteers, so we were 10 volunteers in one room, and only one shower and toilet lol we were all fed up and frustrated, everyone was grumpy and not in the mood for talking, we ate our dinner and went to sleep.

At night the heaters were going crazy, and going off and we only had one blanket so we had a terrible night of no sleep especially that we weren’t comfortable with being with many strangers in one room.
The next morning we got up and we started to socialize about our terrible night lol  that was a good ice breaker haha then we started our training and we really had awesome trainers who helped us a lot during the energizers and activities to know each other.

We saw the beauty of Canfranc in the day, it was breath taking, we made awesome friends and we started to bond while learning about EVS.

11km away from France's borders

We got to visit Canfranc International Train station, it was sooo beautiful, we had a very good tour by one of the locals who informed us about its history in a very interactive way.

After few days we no longer wanted to leave that place even if there were no shops or nothing, but we had something more precious, the beauty of nature and awesome company. What more can we ask for J We also got to visit Jaca, another beautiful city and on our way back we had few hours in Zaragosa waiting for the train so we spent them in the city with our new friends who were living there.

The on arrival training was one of the greatest experience I ever had, especially that I didn’t get the chance to have it in my previous short term EVS. So I feel very grateful and lucky for meeting such great people and for all the information I received from all the trainers and also during the language course we had there.

martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

Hola Granada

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Hello, this is my first blog i’m going to speak about my first experience in EVS with Las Ninas Del Tul. Let me introduce myself before. Well my name is Cheima, I’m from Tunisia, I’m 24 years old and I’m a student. I came here to Granada with a friend of mine (Meriem) for 9 months. It was my first time that I travel and being in a plane, so I was scared but it was really nice. So we went to the airport of Tunisia and we were running because we were late, we almost missed the flight but we made it. After two hours we arrived to the airport of Madrid which was really big after that we went to the bus station and we waited inside the airport cause outside it was a bit cold

We had so much fun in the airport we ate food and had some drinks. After hours the bus came and went to Granada, we couldn’t see the road because it was night so I slept in the bus. At 7 am we arrived, Carmen came to take us to our place, she was very friendly, I felt comfortable. It’s been so long that I didn’t speak English I was scared that I couldn’t communicate with people here but actually I was good. In our way she was telling us about the places and everything.  Then she took us to the hotel in front to our place and took the breakfast together I took coffee (un caffe con leche) and Meriem too.

After the breakfast we went to our new home in Cuidad los ninos, I was very exited cause it’s really big huge house, we met Mohamed he lives in the house he is a nice guy. Then we cleaned our room and we arranged our clothes. We were really hungry so we had lunch in hotel with Carmen, Nadia, and the ex volunteers Didi (Bulgaria) and luca (Hangaria) we had so much fun and we exchanged our phone numbers. After finishing the lunch we went with Nadia to tourism office to collect some maps and buy some groceries. It’s our first day here so we were exited and curious to discover the city so we had a big tour in city center we were fascinated by the cathedral. Also people here in Granada are nice and friendly. We loved every part, every corner in the center. After this big tour we were tired so we stopped and took coffee, by the way I loved the coffee here because it’s really delicious.

At night we went with Carmen, Didi and Luca the ex volunteers to discover Granada by night and it was charming and beautiful. We went to different bars and the biggest surprise for me here is tapas I just love it. And then we ate Kabeb which is really delicious. Finally we went to our home to have some sleep because we were exhausted, we had a long trip and we didn’t sleep the night before.